Monday, July 4, 2011

Today is Independence Day

Today our fore fathers threw off the tyranny of a king to follow God in the way that they saw fit and govern themselves...  From this "freedom" many good things have come, but it has also "allowed" many awful crimes against and that limit liberty.  Why do we so called "free men" accept bondage?  Why do we willingly enslave ourselves to others?

Having pondered this myself, for myself I have a few thoughts.  There have been people who I followed because I believed them to be more biblical and holy than I am; ...we no longer speak. There was even one that I idolized (for which I have repented) for the same reasons.  When I "listened" to these people was it their fault that I put myself in bondage?  No.  When I felt the weight of that bondage was that their fault?  No.

As I look at American History and the laborious task it was to separate out what EXACTLY was worth fighting for both in the War for Independence and the Civil War - I have learned that those who are 'right' can do things that are very 'wrong/ sinful' and those who are 'wrong' can handle themselves 'right/ honorably'.  So, if doing things right wasn't/ isn't about the "right" idea, ideology or way of life, what is it about?  Here I come back to my original thought: Today is Independence Day...  because I think that our fore fathers had it right:

1) follow/ be obedient to God as you know Him, not because 'all ways are right' (I will NEVER be politically correct), but because then you have a law that YOU esteem as greater than yourself to adhere to and follow...
2) govern yourself have been given that right and freedom - USE it!


Oooo, I better stop now... 'cause I'm beginning to feel like singing!  :O)

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